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Cultivating an Ecosystem of Conscious STEM Communities

September 30, 2020

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Celebrate TEN Years of grassroots STEM collaboration in Arizona!

Join us online for the 2020 STEM & Innovation Summit.

This year’s statewide STEM & Innovation Summit will be a virtual experience. This event is designed to connect Arizona’s key stakeholders in business, industry, education, government, nonprofits and the community to:

  • Share best practices, lessons and stories from the field
  • Explore the latest in Arizona technology and innovation
  • Build unique and diverse STEM networks
  • Discuss how we can work as connected ecosystem to improve public STEM awareness and improve workforce readiness

This year’s VIRTUAL program will include:

9 a.m. - Welcome - Dr. Jeremy Babendure, Executive Director

9:15 a.m. - Keynote Presentation

9:30 a.m. - Session 1 - Ecosystem Development 

Building strong STEM Ecosystem Communities (#AZSTEMMayors)Tune in for a panel with four mayors sharing experiences, successes and challenges of attracting STEM-based companies to their cities.

Industry Partners and Relationship Building Tips (#STEMKickstarter) Local business leaders share best practices to plan and promote to engage industry partners in your community to build stronger relationships for K-12.

STEM In the Stacks (#STEMLibrary) Discuss the unique ways librarians are connecting with their communities through STEM kits, programming and creative competition

Lead with Student Voice (#StudentVoice)Chat with a group of students who continue to lead the discussion around building sustainable programs and connecting with their peers.

10:30 a.m. - BREAK with Sponsor Highlights

11 a.m. - Session 2 - Ecosystems at Work 

Evaluating STEM Resources (#STEMResources) Work in small groups to review and research current resources available in your community.

Building a STEM Ecosystem Hub (#EcosystemHub) Consider your community and ways to engage others to start the evaluation using the SciTech Ecosystem Rubric.

10 Years of Arizona SciTech Festival (#AZSciTechFestival) Brainstorm ways to engage in the all new VIRTUAL 2021 Arizona SciTech Festival with Signature Event Leads and SciTech Team Members.

Hosting Virtual Events (#AZSciTechFestival) Discuss tips, tricks and best practices for hosting virtual events and ways to engage in the all new VIRTUAL 2021 Arizona SciTech Festival  in January!

11:45 a.m. - Closing Remarks - Call to Action - Dr. Jeremy Babendure 

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Start: September 30, 2020
09:00 am
End: September 30, 2020
12:00 pm
SciTech Institute

Strategic Collaborators

Arizona Technology Council Foundation

The Arizona Technology Council Foundation is dedicated to supporting STEM education (mostly informal experiences) by carrying out projects, programs, fairs, bowls and festivals that focus on STEM.
  • Arizona Technology Council Foundation

    Mission: STEM or science, technology, engineering and mathematics represent the disciplines of knowledge by which we understand, measure, and design our world. STEM education is an integrated, interdisciplinary approach to learning that provides project-based and relevant experiences for students in the STEM disciplines. This type of education offers students one of the best opportunities to make sense of the world holistically, rather than in bits and pieces. STEM education removes the traditional barriers erected between the four disciplines, by integrating them into one cohesive teaching and learning paradigm. The Arizona Technology Council Foundation is dedicated to supporting STEM education (mostly informal experiences) by carrying out projects, programs, fairs, bowls and festivals that focus on STEM. The purpose of this support is to motivate students to seek educational and career paths in STEM-related fields. The Foundation also sponsors students who are pursuing careers in technology through scholarships and grants.

    Vision: The Arizona Technology Council Foundation will be a collaborative organization, serving to productively align the technology-oriented assets of the state, and attracting grants, resources and support from both within and beyond the state’s borders by promoting and connecting Arizona’s industries, leaders and successes and building a world class community of technology sophisticated workers.

    The Arizona Technology Council Foundation relies heavily on fundraising and generous donations from people that want to support the growth of focused STEM education in Arizona. A donation for education is easily accepted via check (please address check to the Arizona Technology Council Foundation and mail to 2800 N. Central Avenue, Suite 1530, Phoenix, Arizona 85004) or our PayPal account. To donate today using our PayPal account, please use the button below.

    Read more

Arizona Commerce Authority

The Arizona Commerce Authority is an aggressive economic development organization focused on advancing the state's economy both through the recruitment of quality companies and jobs and the expansion of companies already doing business in Arizona.
  • Arizona Commerce Authority

    The Arizona Commerce Authority (ACA) is the state's leading economic development organization with a streamlined mission to grow and strengthen Arizona’s economy. The ACA uses a three-pronged approach to advance the overall economy: recruit, grow, create – recruit out-of-state companies to expand their operations in Arizona; work with existing companies to grow their business in Arizona and beyond; and partner with entrepreneurs and companies large and small to create new jobs and businesses in targeted industries.

    The ACA is overseen by a public-private sector board composed of Arizona leaders in business and policy. The board is overseen by Arizona Governor Doug Ducey and co-chaired by Brian Mueller, President and CEO of Grand Canyon University. Joining them on the board is a group of prestigious private-sector business leaders, elected officials and university presidents.

    The ACA’s executive management team drives the organization’s day-to-day operations, ensuring it maintains focus on the recruitment of quality companies and jobs to the state of Arizona. This team brings together the best and brightest in economic development, management and communications.

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Cox Communications

Cox Communications truly understands the importance of serving the communities employees and customers live and work. Cox Communications strives to develop and support various initiatives that impact people’s lives.
  • Cox Communications

    Elevating the Educational Experience

    “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"
    Nelson Mandela

    Supporting educational initiatives is one of the ways we can make a difference for our employees, their children, and our business. By using our technology, Cox can enhance the educational experience build a more level playing field for all families and invest in long-term community success.

    Visit Cable in the Classroom to read about the role the cable industry dedicates to social responsibility.

    The Importance of Inclusion

    Diversity is a key component of the business operations at Cox Communications. To us, diversity means working hard to build an inclusive culture in which we value the perspectives, needs and priorities of all people. This commitment also includes a laser focus on ensuring that people from all backgrounds are included and represented in our business. This, in turn, makes Cox a better place to work and creates better connections to the communities we serve.

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